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Neighboring Towns and Villages
Sam's Point high above Ellenville
These are a few old pictures of places often visited when visiting
Ellenville because of there uniqueness and beauty of the time.

Cragsmoor, NY

 High above Ellenville. Located in the Shawangunk Mountains.
Located  in  Ulster County, NY,  Cragsmoor  first  came into existence in  the early 1870's when
Edward  Lamson  Henry,  William H. Beard,  J.G.  Brown, Mrs. Eliza   Pratt Greatorex and her  two
artist daughters,  Kathleen Honora Greatorex and Eleanor Gretorex, discovered the enchantments
 held by the plateau in the Shawangunk Mountains. E.L. Henry was the first artist to build a summer
home here,  and Mrs. Henry christened the house NA-PEE-NIA, a name from the Lenape Indians.
 Word quickly  spread  to other artists about Cragsmoor and its wonders, though the colony did not
attract  the  traditional  struggling  artist  with  little or no recognition. On the contrary, artists of note
 who were already prosperous sought to make their homes among the splendor.

Cragsmoor Fine Art Artist
Edward Lamson Henry

Edward Lamson Henry (1841-1919)
"Unexpected Visitors"
Signed and dated E. L. Henry, 1909
Oil on canvas

Watercolor Painting by E.L. Henry. The old D&H Canal and old Ellenville
 Center Street Bridge. From the private collection of Kaycee Benton

Old picture of Cragsmoor, NY. High above Ellenville.
Located in the Shawangunk Mountains

Another old picture of Cragsmoor. 1908

Sam's Point Ledges and Stairway. Located high above Ellenville.
2342 feet above Sea Level.

Cragsmoor Inn

Entrance to the Cragsmoor Inn

Napanoch, NY

2 Miles North of Ellenville

Napanoch Main Street looking North. Left to right: Mac's Mouse,
 Herb Daniel's store, West building, Post Office. Bellman Place.
 Note Hitching Post on extreme left.

Yama Farms Inn
Route 55, Napanoch, NY
Home in the Mountains

Famous Yama Farms Inn. It was located about 1 mile west
 of Napanoch, NY on Route 55

Wawarsing, NY

4 miles North of Ellenville.

Wawarsing Main Street.
1 Mile North of Ellenville, NY

Wawarsing, NY O&W Railroad Station. Early 1900s.

Wawarsing Chapel

Spring Glen, NY

3 miles South of Ellenville

Old Spring Glen Farm Scene circa 1915

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Spring Glen Main Street. Shawangunk Mountains in the background

Summitville, NY

5 Miles South of Ellenville

Summitville Main Street

Summitville Adam's Store and Mill 1912
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That is the old rail bed in the foreground.

Abandoned Railroad Equipment.  The depot in Summitville, NY was abandoned in 1957
when the New York Ontario and   Western Railroad went out of business. In the early 70's
Joel  Pettengale   curator  for  the  Harry  Resnick  Antique  Car  Museum  in Ellenville, NY
 had an idea to build a tourist  railroad there.Some equipment was brought in, but it  never  
 came to fruition.  In the  early 80's  these cars  still remain there.
They and the depot now gone.

  Joel Pettengale's freight cars and the Depot a long gone. 1970s

Summitville RR Station and water tower at far right above the box cars. 1940s

Summitville RR Station 1980

Summitville RR Station 1984

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Wurtsboro, NY

12 Miles South of Ellenville

Wurtsboro Sullivan Street

Wurtsboro Old Tole Gate

Wurtsboro Old Railroad Station

Mount Mongola

Located in the Shawangunk Mountains above Ellenville on Route 52 East

Mount Mongola Inn


Mount Meenahga North Gorge

Mount Meenahga Wooden Bridge and Gazebo

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