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Village of Ellenville grows continued
Coming of the D&H Canal
D&H Canal "Winter Freeze Up" in the Late 1800s. Painting by Bill Winters
Looking South, The  Ellenville D&H Canal at the End of Canal Street
Delaware and Hudson Canal 1828-1898
William and Maurice Wurtz two Philadelphia dry goods merchants, conceived
the canal in 1823. They hired Benjamin Wright, Chief Engineer of the Erie
Canal to survey and design the D&H Canal from Honesdale, Pa to Eddyville
on the Rondout Creek near Kingston, NY. It would be 4 feet deep, 32 feet
wide, contain 108 locks, 137 bridges, 26 basins, dams and reservoirs at a
estimated cost of 1.2 million dollars

Map of the Old D&H Canal
Ellenville D&H Canal Dry Dock
"Ellenville D&H Canal Lock" Winter Closing
Painting by Bill Winters
The D&H Canal East of Ellenville looking  from the end of Center Street over to Canal Street. 1897
 Delaware and Hudson Canal Barge at Ellenville.
D&H Canal,  Center Street Bridge. Building on the right was the old warehouse of
 Hunt and Donaldson, who ran a fleet of Canal Boats. Circa 1897

Ellenville, NY D&H Canal in winter.Painting by Bill  Winters

D&H Canal at Ellenville. The Slip at the left lead to the Ellenville Glass Works.

D&H Canal at Ellenville between Center and Canal Streets with
 the Shawangunk Mountains in the Background.

Canal Boat in Dry Dock at Ellenville, NY

Canal Lock at Ellenville, NY with Canal Office at Right

The Old Canal near Ellenville, NY

Canal Street Canal lock at Ellenville, NY 1897

Another view of the Canal Lock at Ellenville, NY

The Ellenville D&H Canal Telegraph Office 1880s
Now the Chamber of Commerce Office.
 Located on the corner of Main Street and Berme Road

See Link to
From Telegraph to Internet
by Marion M. Dumond
Former Town of Wawarsing Historian
on my Favorite Links page.

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