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Pictures of in and around Ellenville

Ellenville Beerskill Bridge. Early 1900s

Ellenville Reservoir Bridge. Early 1900s

Center Street Bridge Early 1900s

Canal Street Bridge, East 1916

Canal Street 1909

Ellenville North Main Street. Early 1900s

Canal Street looking East. Silverman Brothers Store right center. Early 1900s

Looking East on Canal Street. 1926

Lower Canal Street 1910. The sign on extreme right read
 "Kuhlmann's Ale and Lager Beer"
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 The public square features a two tier fountain with a fancy gingerbread picket fence
 around it  in  the center. The postcard was published by Artino Post Cards and was
 mailed at Napanoch in 1908

Hunt Memorial Hall on Liberty Square. Year?

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